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Everything’s ARCHIE at 2011 Eisners

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A quick post to celebrate one for the team. The 2011 Will Eisner Awards (the comics industry’s version of the Oscars) were held Friday night, 07/22/11, as an adjunct to the overall activities going on this weekend at San Diego Comic-Con … and even though — or maybe because? Let’s hope not! — I did very little on this book, I’m pleased to say The Library of American Comics’s ARCHIE (1946-1948) took away the Eisner for Best Arcival Reprint — Comic Strips.

Archie Andrews and the Riverdale gang retain their nation and internation popularity more than a half-century since they appeared on the scene, and that popularity undoubtedly contributed to the judges’ decision. Modern audiences getting a sustained look at the deightful work of writer/artist Bob Montana was also surely welcomed by everyone who read this book. Yet the award is also a reflection of the dedication and hard work expended by L.O.A.C. creative director and book designer Dean Mullaney, editor Greg Goldstein, essayist Maggie Thompson, and contributing editor Scott Dunbier.  Kudos to all!

For The Library of American Comics, this marks our third Eisner score in this category in the five years our our existence, and our first back-to-back win. LOAC’s very first release, TERRY AND THE PIRATES Volume 1 (2007) won in 2008, last year BLOOM COUNTY Volume 1 took home the prize, and now ARCHIE has stepped into the winner’s circle, as well.

Next up — August 20th’s Harvey Awards, presented at the Baltimore Comic-Con. Though ARCHIE did not get a nod in the Harvey nominations, our LI’L ABNER is up for “Best Domestic Reprint Project.” Cross your fingers,  please …


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July 23, 2011 at 1:31 pm

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