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Some quick general observations and notes —

[1] Working hard on Genius, Illustrated, the second volume of the Alex Toth Project. Easily the most ambitious Library of American Comics project in our first five years of existence.

[2] Books recently bought:  The Dragon Griaule, by Lucius Shepard. Currently reading a collection of Russell Baker “Observer” pieces from The New York Times.  Oh, and the latest volume of Spider-Man Masterworks.

[3] My niece starts college on the last week in August. How these kids keep growing up when my family, friends, and I don’t grow any older is quite a magic trick … (ho-ho!)

[4] Season of discontent for Red Sox fans, and one assumes for the players themselves. Seems clear to me there was a change in the talent evaluation process (and perhaps capabilities) when Bill LaJoie parted ways with the team. I also wonder how a team that once bragged it had the model program for keeping pitchers’ arms healthy can have such a spate of severe pitching injuries in the past two years (Lackey, Matsuzaka, Rich Hill all undergoing Tommy John surgery, Scott Atkinson narrowly avoiding it).

[5] Hoping to gather with several of my old friends in either late summer or early autumn.

[6] There is no Number Six. (A Monty Python-style joke — Prisoner fans would take exception!).

[7] Saw Dark Knight Rises last night. Ehhh-h-h — didn’t love it, didn’t detest it. Was intrigued to see the creative types take so many Batman stories frm the comics, prune them and graft them together in different places, and create something that was their own, and even moderately coherent. Though that very first scene (and therefore, the rest of the movie) hinges on a CIA agent acting stupider than a 5th grade kid … and the last scene has become the worst type of Hollywood scripting cliche. I saw it coming probably 95 minutes away. Perhaps that’s what disappoints me so consistently in modern Hollywood product — the utter predictability of so much of it.

[8] You can also find me writing on-line stuff at and

That’s thirty. Bye-bye and Buy Bonds —


Written by cnwl1

August 11, 2012 at 2:36 pm

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