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Emptying out the mental clutter and catching up on a number of fronts …

I was recently asked to do a piece for the on-line site “Glocul Mag” on the subject of Print vs. Digital publishing. Digital has become the darling of the media, of course, but I offer some gentle reminders of why good ol’ Print is still on top of the game as far as I’m concerned. Wanna read it? Click here:

It also occurrred to me a month or so ago that our hyper-sensitive, everyone-needs-a-pony, Politically Correct society is missing the boat in any number of ways, including where THE HONEYMOONERS are concerned. Jackie Gleason’s groundbreaking situation comedy remains a tour de force to anyone with [A] half a brain who [B] hasn’t been co-opted by the Thought Police. Younger folks see Gleason’s Ralph Kramden threatening his wife, Alice, with “Pow — zoom! To the moon!” and they get all huffy about physical violence and abuse. Hel-LO, people! If you’d actually watch what’s going on between the characters, you’d realize there is no way Ralph would ever lay a finger on Alice. Every crazy scheme, every desperate ploy Ralph hatches is because he wants to give Alice the best of everything, and because in his heart he doesn’t feel worthy of her love. The humor, y’see, comes from all his bluster running exactly counter to the feelings in his heart, feelings that should be obvious to all but the most moronic — or brainwashed — of viewers. I’ll unabashedly continue to watch and defend THE HONEYMOONERS against all ignorant comers. It ain’t Shakespeare, but Ralph and Alice Kramden represent one of the great pop-culture love stories of the 20th Century. How sad so many persons have lost the ability to comprehend something so simple, so incontrovertible.

Speaking of romances, I got married on July 20th. First marriage for both myself and the new missus. Everything seemed to go pretty smoothly, all of our roughly 120 guests seemed to have a pretty good time (they didn’t complain to us, anyway!), and it was humbling to have so many family members and friends attend the nuptials, and give of their own time and effort to help us make the day a success all around. “Thanks” is a thoroughly inadequate word to express our gratitude for what they did on our behalf.

On The Library of American Comics (LOAC) front, our first collection of SUPERMAN newspaper strips is now available, with our third inexpensively-priced ESSENTIALS volume, featuring the entire 1933 daily run of Cliff Sterrett’s brilliant Polly & Her Pals , coming very soon. I’m a huge Polly fan, and aside from the fun of reading these strips, it was a delight to uncover previously-unknown or -little-known facts about Sterrett and the Ogunquit, Maine artists’ colony of which he was an integral part for many years. I did research in Ogunquit and nearby Wells for the book, which was also a great deal of fun.

We also have plenty of neat stuff in the works, LOAC-wise. LI’L ABNER fans will want to be watching upcoming releases — after all The Shmoos are on their way, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Summer is zipping by much too swiftly! Wherever you may reside, may your summer be a fine one —


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July 27, 2013 at 6:42 pm

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